"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."    

- Max Ehrman, Desiderata, 1927


Loving Way Midwifery offers a holistic approach to your healthy pregnancy.

At a glance - our integrated prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum, and gynecological health services:

  • 24/7 access to your Midwife Team

  • Personal midwifery care, tailored to meet your individual needs

  • Conveniently scheduled visits in our comfortable office, Oakland Birth + Wellness

  • Ample support with all aspects of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum well-being

  • Extensive package of postpartum visits, most taking place in your home

  • Empathic, thoughtful, and active promotion of smooth transitions for the whole family

  • Lactation support, including latch and tongue-tie assessment

  • Referrals for acupuncture, chiropractic care, and other alternative therapies

  • Complimentary consultation with a Prenatal Nutritionist

  • Gynecological care including Pap tests, contraceptive counseling, and STI screening

  • Lending library of books about childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care

Loving Way Midwifery donates a portion of each client's fee to the following organization:




We value the richness that arises from diversity of thought, background, and lifestyle. We honor and respect individual variation in regards to ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, relationship style, national origin, religion, ability, and socioeconomic background.

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Cynthia Banks RN, MSN, CNM



Cynthia began catching babies in 1994 when she first developed a passion for home birth. In 1996, she earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Yale University,  launching a career that has included attending home births in Chicago, working as a full-time volunteer Senior Midwife at a birth center in Texas, and attending both home and hospital births in the Bay Area. A Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Cynthia offers a calm, reassuring presence that is a blessing to birthing families, while her expertise provides a safe container for the natural unfolding of the sacred rite of birth.

Cynthia serves as an important resource to her local community of midwives, offering classes in midwifery skills and providing direct supervision and mentoring to students and new midwives as they transition to independent practice. Areas of particular professional interest include perinatal psychology, the microbiome, and women's herbal medicine. 

Hannah Weiss LM, CPM



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Hannah Weiss is the founder and owner of Woom Midwifery.  She is licensed to practice midwifery under the Medical Board of California and certified under the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife.  Her formal education consisted of three years at the National Midwifery Institute and two clinical home birth apprenticeships in California and Utah.   Prior to becoming a midwife,  Hannah ran a bustling doula practice for over 10 years in the East Bay and collaborated on Glow Massage and Birth Supports’ doula program.  Hannah is certified in Neonatal Resusitation (NRP), CPR and First Aid.  She regularly attends the Bay Area Peer Review and is an active member of the California Association of Midwives (CAM).   She is also the co-collaborator of the quarterly event, Ask the Midwives.  In 2017 Hannah and her partners opened Oakland Birth & Wellness, a midwifery clinic located in the heart of North Oakland.     

Hannah loves being a midwife and feels deeply called to this path.  She believes continuity of midwifery care sets the tone for better birth outcomes and a gentle transition to parenthood.  When Hannah is off call she travels home to Kaua’i where she grew up surrounded by an abundance of nature and the rhythms of the ocean.  


Cynthia is an amazing midwife.  Throughout our journey of prenatal, labor/delivery, and postpartum care — she was organized and informed, intuitive and attentive, compassionate yet firm — at all of the appropriate times.  Both of the friends I had invited to be on my homebirth team (one of whom was a midwife-in-training at the time) commented on how effectively and authentically Cynthia facilitated our pre-birth meeting.  They felt inspired to be a part of this collaborative support team & were able to seamlessly fold into their roles under Cynthia’s guidance.

During my labor, Cynthia gave my husband and me the exact right amount of personal space — stepping in only when I needed her encouragement, and remaining present and close when I was reliant on her support.  I particularly remember during my transition stage when I felt that sensation of “I can’t make it” — her focused blue eyes, and kind but determined words immediately set me back on track.

Cynthia has a rare combination of experience and skills — the rigorous medical training, the years (decades?) of catching babies in various settings, an ever-present sense of empathy, and an obviously well-honed ability to communicate compassionately and efficiently.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Cynthia, and to have had her support and care in bringing my son into the world


As I began my search for a midwife to help with our second home birth I had a general idea of what I was looking for. Cynthia far exceeded my expectations as I found a bright, compassionate and very informed leader in the field. She always brought a calm and nurturing energy with her in each of the home visits and consistently offered options and insight into any complications that arose through my pregnancy. My actual labor journey was a day of peace and empowerment as Cynthia took on a role of watchful guide and supportive witness. 


I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Cynthia for my second home birth. I've never met anyone who is so all-loving, giving, gentle, kind, intelligent and strong. I literally am in awe of her and hold her in the highest regard. During the prenatal care she was present, genuinely caring, and never rushed, quite the opposite of hospital care. During birth she was strong, calm, and loving, and I birthed a beautiful baby boy (no tears!) under her care. I cannot recommend her enough- she is an angel on earth.


"I came to Cynthia late in my pregnancy seeking to have a home birth but feeling a bit nervous about the idea. Cynthia embodies a rare blend of skill, compassion, and gentleness that immediately instills confidence, and she brings the perfect balance of spiritual and practical to the birthing experience. She fully addressed each of my fears by providing me the necessary information to make informed choices while providing non-judgmental support of every choice I made along the way.  I trusted her fully, and I felt incredibly safe and well-cared for during my birth as well as during prenatal and postnatal visits.  Cynthia is a rare gem; I am so happy that she was the first person to welcome my daughter into the world!   My only regret is that I didn't get to work with Cynthia earlier in my pregnancy."


"Even though we are totally sleep deprived, Eric and I are still glowing after our rich and glorious birth experience bringing Zaen into the world. Cynthia's role in that was meaningful and unforgettable, and we hold her in high regard as both a medical professional and wonderful human. I especially found myself often marveling at her ability to walk the delicate line between maintaining gentleness and "telling it like it is." I felt nurtured by her in a way that felt respectful, tender, empowering, and that engendered trust. The luxury of prenatal care in the comfort of our own home was great for all of us. We are truly eternally grateful for her integral role in this magical and intense moment in our lives."


"I'd echo Nelle's heartfelt sentiments and add, as a Dad, that Cynthia's caring demeanor and professionalism were amazing and reassuring! Thanks!!!"





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